🍕The Big Giveaway Live Stream🍟 | The Edgy Veg Cookbook Launch Day

Hey Guys it’s Candice and James and we’re so excited to announce HUGE GIVEAWAYS and COOKBOOK SALE! Get up to …


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  1. Hi, I’ve noticed on your social media that people have started receiving your cookbook in the mail. I preordered in August off amazon and mine still has not shipped. Did something go wrong or have those just not started shipping yet?

  2. Missed the Live Feed! So excited about your book — holidays are coming (winter is coming!) and I need some pot-luck options that non-vegetarians will love. So happy for both of you!

  3. I preordered your cookbook as soon as you announced it. I am only 2 months a vegan, and am so thrilled with how good I feel. I only wish I would've started this years ago. Couldn't live without your recipes!

  4. Hey guys…if you pre order on Amazon you don't get a receipt until the book is shipped! It is not available for 1click ordering. Therefore it's impossible to enter your giveaway. Did you think of that?

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