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The Edgy Veg adopted 2 dogs!!!! Here are ten great reasons why you should adopt rescue dogs instead of getting your furry friend …


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  1. & if you want a dog/cat, but you’re not sure what you’ll be doing in the next few years & what that could mean for you pet – check out fostering! fostering frees up room in shelters & is especially beneficial for animals with trauma that need one on one time to heal.

  2. Your fur kids are sooo cute! I don't agree with adopting from a breeder either. There is a huge Frenchie, Yorkie, Labradoodle and Cockapoo trend in America right now. Literally everyone is getting one of those breeds, especially the poodle mixes. Sigh. So many dogs are killed every year who don't get adopted 🙁

  3. This is will make you sick but I’m buying a puppy for $2,000.00 four states away (and that’s the lower end of the price range for the breed I wasn’t which goes between $2,000.00 and $4,000.00), and as if that isn’t bad enough, I’m going to be paying for a plane ticket for the puppy, as well as for a humane companion so the puppy flys in the cabin with its companion and the other passengers. The puppy will be in a crate underneath the seat. The puppy doesn’t come from a puppy mill, its from a member of the breed’s akc organization who shows dogs for competition and breeds sporadically. I have gone to shelters but I just haven’t seen a dog I connect with and since I live in a condo I would be worried if the dog grew too big. I have kids and I would like for my kids to enjoy the puppy phase. I feel guilty but not enough to be patient and wait for the right dog through a shelter or rescue organization. In case you’re curious my breed of choice was the Norfolk Terrier.

  4. Funny enough all of the dogs I've ever had were rescues. I ended up with a litter of rescue puppies 5 years ago (both mom and dad were rescues we took in) unfortunately Bunny (mom) got hit by a car so we were left with all of her babies and we were able to place all but two of them and they are the two I chose (a girl and a boy) to keep because I didn't want to separate them. Spotz and Belvedere are much like Harley and Winston, they cannot be separated or at least for no more than a few hours or they get sad and anxious, one is also white while the other is darker.

  5. Me and husband have a rescue dog . He is one of the best babies ever. I was diagnosed with lupus and he has been the best companion on my worst days. We plan to only adopt for the rest of our furbabies

  6. You have a huge following, thank you so much for sharing your adoption story and spreading awareness of pet adoption. Blessings to you. You may not have only saved 4 lives but possibly hundreds… if even a small portion of your followers take your advice.

  7. I found mine from the street. His name is Buddy. My other dog's mom was a stray and he was born under a house and my friend was giving away the pups. Then I got Zeke. Now I have a two year old and a five year old.

  8. I used to volunteer at a shelter. When the pets would disappear I was like "Yay! They got adopted". Then one day I was poking around online and realized they were actually being put down :(. The cats got it the worse. I came in one day and about half of them were just…gone. So please please adopt guys! These animals are really sweet. I remember, one cat looked just like Cheshire Cat and was soo cute and a little grumpy. And his friend was soo cuddly and very affectionate. Shelter animals are amazing

  9. Tbh I really want to adopt, and there is this animal shelter close to where I live and I have one dog I really want, but I don't have the money to buy him right now… Which is really sad because I'm scared he will be be killed…

  10. You did a great thing rescuing the 2 dog's they are so cute and it is cruel to put a dog down just because it's homeless. I am glad you are dog person because cat's can not be vegan because of their diet a cat needs taurine which they can't get through a vegan diet.

  11. I have two adopted dogs. One was a puppy who quite possibly came from a puppy mill & the second one is about 12 years old. We got her when she was around six. Adopt don't shop ❤️

  12. When I was in the first grade, my mom brought me to shelter to pick out a dog. I fell in love with a 3-year-old Australian Shepard named Marcco. Ok, I actually named him Marcco. He was already trained, and my mom agreed to him because he rolled over for a tummy scrub after this umbrella test. He loved meeting new people over the years. Unforutately, Marcco died in 2014, just a month before I started high school at the age of 11, when sort wise guy decided to smoke in bed with oxygon. Marcco died in his sleep a few night after that wise guy set fire to my high rise's sixth floor (I lived on the 11th floor)-cause of death was smoke inhilation. The other dog we had adopted, a mutt named Duke, survived. I plan to someday adopt another dog after starting my career as a scriptwriter for children's animation.

  13. They are so precious! This video warmed my heart. <3 I'm a fur mommy to two shih tzus, both adopted, and I've had one for a year and a half and another for about a year. I literally can't imagine my life without them. Cookie, my older one (she's 10 now) was actually blind in both eyes when we adopted her! We were so lucky that we were able to afford surgery and that she was in excellent health for surgery. She now has her sight back in both eyes! While I'm so glad that we did the surgery (her quality of life is just THAT much better), she was totally full of life even when she was blind. She still enjoyed walks and was super playful and happy all the time. She quickly learned her way around our apartment and was able to find her food and water bowl on her own. The only thing I had to assist her with while she was blind was carrying her down the stairs (she was able to walk up on her own, though). I also needed to keep a close eye on her whenever we hung out in the backyard while visiting my parents' house so that she wouldn't fall in the pool. I would just walk her on a leash back there. Surgery was awesome and it's the best thing I ever did for her, but if you're ever in a situation where your fur baby is completely blind and for whatever reason surgery isn't possible, just know that Cookie was as happy as ever before surgery!

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