10 things I’ve learned about Life and Cooking the last 40 years

Where in the heck did the last 40 years go? I mean I feel like I just graduated college a year or two ago. Time flies when you’re …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. No chef, thank YOU for sharing your knowledge with us. We are the ones who should be thankful. Happy birthday and many more.

  2. So inspiring! Thank you for being you! Enjoying your channel. You are spreading good cheer with your recipes.👍Happy 4-0!!🎁🎂

  3. Chef Parisi, I’m a New Subscriber to your channel. I love all of these” Pearls Of Wisdom”. They are some of the Best that I have heard. I will revisit this Blog often. I love the fact they your are so “REAL” what a breath of fresh air! Your Wife is a lucky woman! As I’m sure you are Lucky to have Her! I’m so happy & exited that I have discovered your channel!The best is yet to be! 😊

  4. I found your channel when I was searching for a Belgian waffle recipe and casually clicked on this vid just out of curiousity. What a bargain! hahaha. Good stuff mate. Beautiful sharings from a beautiful soul. Now… back to that Belgian waffle..

  5. Happy Birthday Chef, great words and all so true, please keep putting out your amazing videos I watch them religiously. Bless you and your family.🎂🎉🎊🎁

  6. Happy birthday! You have been a real inspiration to me. You have given me the confidence to improve my cooking (at age 74!). You are an extraordinary man. Thank you for your teaching.

  7. Happy Birthday, Chef 🎉🎈🎂. Age is just a number and life is filled with lessons, I think you have it all figured out…many blessings to you, you are a sweet soul ❤️

  8. You are simply the best! A breath of positively charged fresh air! My husband started a business that covid had other plans for and its been rough and I so appreciate your optimism, realism and good vibes! Keep it up, we literally pour ourselves some wine and watch your videos/ cook your recipes when we just need to vibe out and relax! Love your channel and you. Best to you and your family <3

  9. dear Billy thank YOU so much. You're so right about everything in this list, but one of the most interesting and truest things for me is that 'knowledge and wisdome are not the same' and you friend, have both. Thanks for inspiring me in so many ways, beyond the kitchen, thank you and happy belated birthday!! 🙂

  10. Despite your insistence to the contrary Chef Billy, those are 10 pieces of eternal sunshine from a spotless mind! Congrats on 40, and such a beautiful video.

  11. Happy birthday!
    Have a great day. 40 is a great age. Not to young or not to old. You’re more relaxed and not taking to much notice to everyone else’s opinions
    Take care ! Xx

  12. 40 is nothing, I had my first child at 45, he was due on my 46th birthday but they took him out 12 days prior. Enjoy your 40's they were a great time for me. Now I'll be 60 in January and this age I'm having a tough time with.
    Happy Birthday to you Chef Billy!

  13. I don't know man, I was 12 when I packed a box of necessary things, in case war started and we had to run into the hills for safety. I was 18 when it happened.

  14. Happy birthday Chef! Age brings wisdom. I’m in my mid 60s now and wouldn’t want to be a 20 something if even I could. All my experiences in life have brought me to where I am now. I’ve weathered a few storms but that’s how we develop our inner strength. Love watching your videos. I’ve learned so much from you. Technique is my thing so thanks for focusing on that. Looking forward to watching you forever. Keep it up.❤️

  15. Happy birthday Chef! Loved the list of your lessons learned so far . They were. all excellent I must highlight the one learning from older persons is a very rare these days. Although you’ll find out that 40 is still very young I would say that you are very wise for your age.

  16. Happy birthday Chef! All of the best years are yet to come. Up until this point you have been building a life. From here on out you get to enjoy it! All the best to ya

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