10 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Going Vegan

For all the “I could never go vegan”-ers and the “I don’t know how you do it”-s, here are the things I wish I knew before going vegan. It seems like every day it’s …


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  1. I was definitely one of those people who went cold turkey. I just had too. I realised that how I was feeling after eating certain foods was not normal but I never knew. Turns out I have a serious problem with bovine products and dairy. As soon as I cut those out, I stopped feeling and being sick all the time. It was like I got my life back. Yes I now that sounds cheesy but it got to the point where I just couldn't function. I still miss a bacon sandwich, pork pie or a good old sausage buttie but that's because of food nostalgia and I'm perfectly fine having an alternative. I also learnt to embrace the fact that I prefer savoury food over sweets. I always felt so much pressure to love cake. Going vegan was seriously a life changing experience. P.s I'm also now addicted to sauerkraut and kimchi.

  2. This is an excellent little video, Candice! I've been following your channel a long time and making tonnes of your recipes. You've stated so clearly how a transition to a healthier, more sustainable and ethical diet is and can be. I've basically followed your 10 steps without even knowing it! Thank you for helping educate to the world!

    I literally found your channel from your rice paper bacon video and have been addicted since, lol. ☺🌱💚

  3. 🤣 Honestly wish I'd seen this before I went vegan. I was veggie before but even so it can be daunting and I used to beat myself up if I made mistakes and missed a non vegan ingredient! I had no idea how judgy other Vegans can be too, it can be like a competition for some, it's exhausting!

    I would like to say, I'm a long time subscriber and rarely comment but you have been a huge inspiration to me over the years and you get more beautiful by the day b** 🤣

    Sincerely thank you Candice 💚 from me and my guinea pigs who watch you with me xxx

  4. Thanks for this great chat! I love it – in many ways I wish I had you around when I was younger (many years ago) and being a vegetarian and getting weird looks!!!! Now I like to say plant based – somehow the family and friends don't react so badly.

  5. I don’t think we talk enough about how “vegan policing” and the all-at-once demand to change can really trigger someone who has a history of disordered eating. I think it’s far more important for people to find a good balance, even if that means they never become fully vegan. It’s great to care for animals and want to eliminate harm against them as much as possible, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your own physical or mental health. We are animals too, and we should be kind to ourselves and one another in this journey ❤️

  6. I became vegetarian in 1997, vegan in 2008. The options we have now, make my heart so happy! This is a great video for newbies and those struggling with this lifestyle. As always, you rock, Candace, hugs from Arizona ,Pamela

  7. I'm not 100% vegan yet but there's alot of things that were very easy to give up. I'm having a hard time finding a good egg replacer and going out to eat with my friends who still eat meat. Alot of the places we go don't have a whole lot of vegan/vegetarian options

  8. I like saying I’m going vegan bc it feels like a gradual process really works for me. I appreciate you talking about that.
    I’m sure I’m the only vegan that may feel this way but Mayb someone else can relate. I actually don’t like animals… like at all. But I don’t think they should suffer. I know they feel pain and experience life similar to us so I just want to leave them alone to live their life. I don’t want to like hang out with them. 😂 so my point is you don’t have to like animals to be vegan. Just understand they individuals and deserve to live a life of peace.

  9. This was so informative. You have such a beautiful way of delivering your message and so happy to hear you are a fellow Canadian 🇨🇦.
    Thank you so much for your amazing recipes and your inspiration..
    Lynn YVR🇨🇦

  10. Thank you so much for this video! I will add one of my favorite tips when it comes to those that challenge me and offer “helpful advice” is to simple say “huh” and change the subject. It acknowledges you heard them but doesn’t agree or disagree with them.

  11. Great tips thank you. I no longer tell folk I’m vegan. That “V” words sets them off. I say I’m “cholesterol free,” seems it’s more acceptable somehow, no anger or criticism. Love your channel, much appreciated.

  12. I think giving up the idea that something will replace cheese exactly is good. Some of the fake cheeses are just gross but you could find a nice sauce for pizza or pasta.

  13. This video is amazing. A gentle/kinder way to promote the vegan lifestyle as I have witnessed some of the more aggressive vegan comments on Twitter. I have been working on being egg/dairy/meat free for almost a year now and am learning as I go. This video is a great resource and your style is much appreciated.

  14. Well done. You have inspired me to start giving more vocal feedback to restaurants and stores to acknowledge their vegan options with more than just my dollars. Everyone likes to be appreciated, so I'm going to do a lot of appreciating and help spread the love.

  15. Well done, Candace. I still get a good laugh at how Bill Clinton claimed he was vegan except on Thanksgiving. You can’t be a little big pregnant, ya know? In any event, I’ll be celebrating 10 years vegan in ‘22 and wow, isn’t it so much nicer now with such main stream food options? 😎

  16. November is two years going vegan for me. When I told my family that I was changing my diet, especially that close to the holidays, they lost their minds. They could ridicule my weight and tell me how big I was since leaving the military but not support my way of changing that. When I lost the weight and started getting amazing medical results I had their attention. When I basically relearned how to cook it changed the way they all eat. It took time and now they tell me I’m too thin but they have all made an effort to learn and eat differently. Soggy oatmeal, in any fashion, is probably the worst texture ever…

  17. A great videography, very informative and well structured! Great positive energies and great positive vibes! Peace & loves! ♾♾♾➕➕➕🌞🌞🌞💡💡💡🧬🧬🧬☢️☢️☢️⚛️⚛️⚛️⚡️⚡️⚡️🧿🧿🧿⚖️⚖️⚖️⚗️⚗️⚗️🌐🌐🌐🍜🍜🍜👑👑👑🌅🌅🌅🌅🦋🦋🦋💗💗💗🕊🕊🕊

  18. Great video, glad to see you happy. I didnt like kale, then I discover different types that I do like. I used to not like zucchini, now I love it. Tastes change and cooking methods are important. Much love.

  19. Thanks so much for this video! I’m def going to read more about veganism. I went cold turkey earlier this year (I’ve been vegan off and on for several years) and decided to stick with it for health reasons. Then I began educating myself on which products to avoid (still can’t believe we test products on animals!! 😖). Now I find that I have to educate folks (especially in my family and cultural background) of what veganism IS and IS NOT. They seriously think I eat leaves and twigs 😂

    But I actually find that my vegan diet is WAYYYY more creative and diverse and interesting than my non-vegan diet was. 🤷🏽‍♀️ What hurts the most for me is having to defend being vegan to doctors. They immediately assume that I don’t get enough protein or nutrients and I’m like …are you kidding me. I probably get more protein and nutrients than you do! And then I proceed to inform them of my protein and nutrient sources and they’re like 🤯

    There def needs to be an improvement in educating others about veganism. So many people believe that we are so limited and restricted, when actually we are not. There’s a whole world full of vegan foods and resources—we just have to know about them and implement them into our diets.

  20. I really loved this. I’ve been vegan for 2 years now, and even still it’s helpful to hear these tips and reminders of how you can be vegan and why. Thank you for sharing 💚

  21. Thank you for this! I’m transitioning into the vegan lifestyle and this helps so much! The “holier than thou” vegans on the Internet aren’t really doing any favors to the movement in my opinion. I appreciate how you stress that this is a learning and lifestyle change and those making the change need to give themselves grace. 💚

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