20 BEST VEGAN ALTERNATIVES (that you can buy in most grocery stores)

For today’s video, I wanted to share some of my favorite vegan alternatives that most of you will have access to. From brands like …


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  1. How about a Top Vegan No-Soy Alternatives List? I'm a diabetic trying to go vegan with a soy allergy. All that lovely rice and pasta and potatoes that are vegan mainstays along with Tofu based and soy based products are all major no-nos for me.

  2. I agree with all of your recommendations! I also love Earth Balance's spreadable butter, cashew milk is creamy and is the closest thing I have found to the real thing…definitely underrated, Milkidamia which is a macadamia creamer is great for coffee and tea, nut pods is a close second, Chao cheese really melts and is the best alternative I have found, finally ozo meat is spot on I tried the Mexican seasoned ground and it cooked the exact same and had great seasoning. hope this helps!!

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