EXPOSED! Here are 20 foods you thought were vegan but are not… over my 9 years of being vegan, i thought these products …


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  1. So apparently I am seeing comments that someone named Ashley Wicka has made a similar video last week. We filmed this video over a month ago and had it on the schedule for today. I put a lot of effort into highlighting other creators and bloggers through my content and always give credit when I'm inspired by someone. TO MAKE THIS POINT CLEAR….I wrote about this exact very topic in 2013 on the blog: https://www.theedgyveg.com/2013/01/31/that-shit-aint-vegan/

    I didn't see Ashley's video, otherwise I totally would have given credit for the inspiration. If you watch any of my 'Hacked' episodes, you would know how mindful my team and I are about giving credit where it is due! No one is going to be completely original on YouTube, it's impossible to know what every creator is doing. I am so happy she made her own video and will check it out!

  2. you said COKE was vegan friendly but they are partners with fair oak farms (FAIR LIFE) which if you do any research into the undercover investigation that just took place they abuse animals, sell veal (when they say they do not), cut off tails of calfs, leave calfs in heat to die, beat they animals for fun, its is quite literally guys doing coke (cocaine) and beating animals for fun and over all it has some of the worst treatment and conditions of animals I've seen

  3. ⭐ Diatomaceous Earth IS Vegan, as it's an all-natural product made from fossilized algae. Algae, often mistaken for a plant, is bacteria. Bacteria is vegan, as it is an organism, not an animal.

  4. glad you explain what the situation is instead of conveniently reading a list prepared for you with no awareness of why it is the case, i trust informed sources that abide by their message rather than opportunists. when it comes to animal products and existing with a society, i consider each animal in your tract of digestion as an app on a phone. all those apps now know about me and my emotions and preferences because our vibrational energy are fused as one while digesting, and it seems they flaunt what i desire with another form that is also intertwined with them by eating in a petty waym and when i see random people in the street or places of business just wandering around or checking their phone upon first glance like it contained a portal gun, it seems like they are the flesh version of that former creature existing for hundreds of years used to opulence, bored with this life it manifested as, ready to hitch hike and be anywhere but here, so i developed a ditch them first mentality and don't get anything installed on my phone/body because IG, snapchat, face book, etc always leaves you feeling inadequate, inferior, and envious of someone possibly just making everything up anyways. weirdest reason you heard anyone want to be vegan but its mine, no fake recycled people to be in an invisible train with me everywhere i go. if they were available to befriend id have done it now and not stressing about this new diet that leaves me weak for my duties, but if i dont stop loss and damage control for my own sanity who will.

  5. This is really helpful thank you, I'm quite new to this channel and I've just spent 2 hrs watching, you are a legend, love from the UK (and my guinea pigs) ❤️🙏

  6. Ok the Honey thing is just stupid, one Vegan said that he would not drink Almond Milk because of the Bees, then he would also have to give up most fruits and vegetable so the Vegan argument about Bees is just stupid and I am a Vegan. DE Diatomaceous Earth is a fossil of a single cell algae, again this one is ridiculous sense these microscopic animals have been dead for a very long time, and if your worried about consuming microscopic animals, you probably do every day and don't realize your doing it, DE is also used to filter water.

  7. I used to get coffee from wawa and use the non-dairy flavored creamers and ended up looking at the back and it said in bold at the bottom CONTAINS: MILK….I was like but 👀…🤦🏻

  8. The difference with honey though is that cultivating it actually helps to keep bee populations going and therefore vegetation in general. Rigid veganism's approach to honey only makes it harder for beekeepers and advocates to protect the habitat of bees. Honey should be considered vegan.

  9. A good check on things a e certified Kosher Pareve foods. These foods cannot contain meat or dairy products, nor can they use insects – no Cochineal . Just watch out for egg and honey and you can be safe. When I first became a veggie in the '70s and vegan wan't even a word – there were vegetarians (vegans) and ovo-lactio vegetarians (vegetarians of today). There weren't options in the supermarket, but stores that catered to groceries from the Indian sub–continent and Kosher Pareve foods made shopping so much easier

  10. The first video I watched of you. You have pink hair so it’s weird seeing you blonde. You look completely different lol love your content btw👌🏼😌.

  11. I wonder if Swedish Fish changes the ingredients depending on the country? I heard another youtuber mentioning them being vegan. I bought some and found out it had beeswax. I'm confused

  12. The thing that really kills me is when flavored potato chips have milk in them. Especially when it’s a flavor that in no way needs to involve milk, it’s like WTF are you putting milk in there for?

  13. I’m in Toronto too and I just reread the label on my planters dry roasted peanuts and gelatin isn’t listed. Is it possible that they have removed it? I can’t find anything through internet searches and the Canadian Planters website shows the same list of ingredients that is on my jar. I’m the mother of a new vegan so I’m still learning. Here is the list of ingredients. Am I missing something? I would appreciate your help.
    Peanuts, spice mix (salt, potato starch, sugar, monosodium glutamate, autolyzed yeast, corn maltodextrin, corn starch, spices, hydrolyzed soya protein, smoke flavour, vegetable oil [canola and/or sunflower oil], onion powder, garlic powder, bha, propyl gallate, citric acid), tapioca dextrin.

  14. Many times the wine can be "vegan friendly" in itself because these days the wine industry uses bentonite to clarify the product, which is mineral, but the unsuspectable detail that no one thinks of is the glue they use to stick the labels, it is made of animal bones. I work in the wine trading so I know for sure.

  15. Kosher labels indicate if things are kosher many times. Even if it’s dairy equipment many things will have a D … to indicate dairy equipment if something doesn’t have a kosher logo many times it will have some animal by products …. so you should look into that

  16. Just found you and love what you do for us. So much info though, any chance can get a list of what you discussed? Also, Go Veggie does sell a vegan Parmesan that is pretty good.

  17. What's the hardest thing you had to say to someone?
    Worcestershire 😅
    Been vegan for 2.5 years and I just discovered youu and I'm in awe. Wheere have you beeen? Damnit YT and your algorithm. New sub here, from Romani, I adore you already! 🤩🤩🤩

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