20 Vegan Foods to Buy for A Two-Week Emergency Food Supply | Quarantine Meals

Today’s video is all about sharing some helpful tips to build your emergency food supply during times of crisis, isolating and …


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  1. I made my food storage before I was plant based but then went plant based in Jan 2021 so now I have these near expiring foods I have not eaten in over a year and just giving away all this food to fam(food is food). I also discovered a month ago from dr visit I’m sensitive to many foods, including plant based
    and I’m cleaning out my pantry for that reason too. Can you believe how many plant based foods have soy, spinach and celery! And I love soy 😭. But I’m being left without food and emergencies can still happen pandemic or not! So I’m practically only half way through my storage. Thanks for the suggestions! I’m looking specifically also for a 3 day already to go foods as part of a bug out bag. I had some canned lentil soups well most soups have my allergens 😑

  2. gonna have to watch this one again!
    cos all i saw was this brilliant red knockout stunner then all i heard was blah blah blah cos my brain was too busy going: "holy crap have a look at this honey! lucky im straight (& married lol) or i'd be in love! shes waving her hands around and holding up canisters & jars but woww i reckon she must be super blonde under that red to get this colour that vibrant! and it looks so girly and flattering with that style….i wonder how often she re-reds that hair anyway cos i reckon itd be pretty to just let it lighten and sorta fade gently pink-away….then when its almost vanished, SUPER RED it back up again, like…SURPRISE!!!! woohoo thatd be fun! think i might have to look for a fun red home dye at the supermarket next time i get groceries…OHHHHH… GROCERIES…PRODUCE…FOOD TIPS…yessss THATS what this was about! right! back to the beginning….start over again…."

  3. I’ve been buying, pasta: rice noodles, lentil pasta, soy milk, lentils, fresh veggies, I can’t get frozen coz they are sold out. I’m also buying canned food, still can’t get toilet paper (I know not food). I can’t get rice 🙁
    I buy canned soups, garlic, nuts, spreads, spices and herbs. Some mock meat, veggie stock powder, sauces, I buy fresh food and freeze it. Like the veggies anyway. I also have a variety of tofu too. Frozen so I can use it when I need. Also sugar.

  4. On our last trip to the store the canned beans were wiped out so I'm learning to cook dried beans now and wish I knew more about spices. Maybe could you do a rundown of basic spices (oregano, thyme, rosemary, etc), what they taste like, what they're best used for, which combine well, etc?
    Also, simple snack bar recipes (baked and no-bake) with maybe 5 ingredients or less.
    And best dishes for freezing.
    Many thanks and best of health to everyone!😊

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