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NEW: 10 EXTRA WAYS TO REDUCE WASTE https://youtu.be/W3uCkTUPETE Here are my 20 easy eco-friendly lifestyle hacks for …


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  1. Why do people keep "you're not a baby, you don't need a straw". Newsflash, you don't have to be a baby to use a straw. Adults, older kids, and seniors all might need straws for a personal need (I'm one of them). So it gets annoying when people say "you're not a baby, you don't need a straw".

  2. Coming from Germany, I grew up always brining our own bags to go grocery shopping and later any kind of shopping.

    I was in the states a few years ago. And the reaction from the cashiers, when I said that I have my own bags were often hilarious but sad at the same time 😢
    It's such as easy thing to do. Just like alle of the other tips you shared. Thank you! ❤️🌍

  3. Hi Candice! I have recently started this phase of my environmentalist path, thanks to YouTube introducing me to Shelbizleee (do you know her?). I am glad to see you were already there, enjoying this content 😀
    A few more easy swaps :
    diy flaxseed gel instead of commercial hair gel,
    fermented rice water (or cold brewed green) in a glass spray bottle as a skin toner,
    tabs instead of toothpaste, they come in a glass bottle (and a compostable paper bag for the refill),
    collect the sesame oil floating on top of tahini and use as face « cream »
    DIY whipped Shea butter instead of body lotion
    A few drops of conditioner in water in a tiny spray bottle as anti static spray
    collect used ground coffee from local shops and use as body scrub (I don’t drink coffee otherwise I would recycle mine 😂)
    Use a cheese cloth as nut milk bag
    Make oat milk (cheap and easy) and save the pulp for cookies
    Make soy milk, soy yogurt, tofu, tempeh (from the okara) tofu is coagulated soy milk whereas tempeh is fermented soy beans (or sometimes soy pulp as it was originally a by product of soy milk production). Both are quite easy to make at home. I found rhizopus oligosporus (the fungus used to ferment tempeh) on Amazon, and calcium sulfate (to coagulate silken tofu) on e-bay. If you make firm tofu, do not through away the soy milk whey, that too can be used in baking goods.
    Make glad bread…
    … Cook as often as possible actually, that saves a lot of packaging

  4. 3 ideas for painters – Make your own paint! You can buy (or make just search it up and there will be a few!) binder and use natural pigment (you can make out of flowers, rock, even dirt) second idea if you get a jar of pasta sauce, yogurt, jam, or anything else rinse it and use it for paint water! Third idea if you paint on canvas and you have a piece you don’t really like and want to get rid of paint over it!

  5. Fabrics are plastic too, but nobody talks about the clothing industry that pollute our planet, it is worst to use fabric napkins than paper napkins , use recycled paper napkins

  6. This is so stupid . That's obvious that the "paper" things like straws are horrible . They are not good for the environment because they consume trees so its the exact same thing as plastic . And even … Did you already drunked a juice with a paper straw? There you go . It doesn't taste as normal juice . And you also drink paper sort of . Very concentrated drinks almost don't pass by the straw . That's a waste of juice . And you have to make a massive pull to get the juice in your mouth . What's the point on that? Think on it . Not everything that reduces waste is good for your life .

  7. Loved this video! Except, people with disabilities do need straws. Some people don’t have the dexterity to wash the reusable ones. Whether or not they have to be plastic, I’m not sure! Hopefully someone will come up with an inclusive alternative that isn’t bad for the planet. 💙

  8. Yeah especially because of covid-19 it's kind of hard to avoid disposable items. A lot of places won't let you fill your own containers anymore. I try to either wash and reuse the containers when I get home or just eat at home more. I've never been super hardcore when it comes to not using disposable products, but I tried to avoid them when I could. But I'm going to try harder this year to avoid them in the first place

  9. I want to “go green” (i dont know how else to word it) but i still wanna stay true to my pinkaholic roots 😂 do you or anyone have any suggestions on where to find these types of products in pink

  10. Hi guys! if u care for the environment, please use Ecosia as your search engine. For every 45 searches u make, a tree will be planted somewhere. If you think this is fake, u can always check out their YouTube channel. Stay safe guys 🙂 bai bai

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