3 Easy Air Fryer Recipes You Need To Try (These Are So Quick!)

Welcome back to my channel!! Today we’re trying out 3 super easy and convenient air fryer recipes that are adaptable to so many …


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  1. I see you have a lumi… if im spelling it right. Can you please give a review of it. Its so expensive and before I actually get one I want to know if they are worth it.

  2. My mom makes the fried papa tacos with potato & beans or with potato & chorizo , topped with a runny sour salty cream , lettuce , Cotija cheese, & pico de gallo. I would love to see them veganized 😍

  3. Hello dear blogger, I have been following your YouTube channel for a long time. Your video production is very good and your testimonials are cool too. I hope to communicate with you in depth, look forward to your reply, and conduct business with you—-

  4. @Edgy Veg, my Omni husband doesn't like rice, but the last recipe I can easily do. Thanks for doing these. I have been doing air fry spring rolls of whatever comes to hand, as I have been running out of food. Today I did a bit lettuce, peanut butter, Kroger bac'n buds, a squirt of tomato paste, and some chilli sauce, with the outside coated in light olive oil. They were okay. If you could do some spring roll variations, that would be so helpful. Thanks for being you.

  5. I began eating vegan about a month ago and was a bit hesitant to try soy curls. I just cooked your general Tso 'chicken' dish for lunch and wow 😍 10/10! What an introduction to soy curls, it has made me so excited to continue using them as a replacement in other chicken dishes in the future! Thanks for the recipe, and I can't wait to try the other two!

  6. All 3 look delicious. My daughter loves anything potatoes and I love anything tacos, so recipe #3 is going to be our lunch this Friday. Can you provide the measurements of the nooch and spices? I can't find the recipe anywhere on your website. Thanks! You are awesome and your hair is looking super cute!

  7. Oh No.. GIRL… soak and squeeze those soy curls like 5 times to that funky gluten wang out first then proceed to that broth.. oh please TRUST ME.. this cleans out all the soy fat and makes them taste truely clean I PROMISE.. just do it once and it will change your life and your recipies forever. 👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👌👍

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