3 Easy-to-Make Classic Italian Pasta Recipes

This 4-ingredients pasta Cacio e Pepe recipe is a delicious creamy dish of pecorino Romano cheese and pepper with spaghetti …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Ehilà! Sono un grande amante della pasta e adoro questi tre modi di prepararla, grazie per aver condiviso la tua fantastica ricetta – una pasta incredibilmente deliziosa, immagino, farebbe impazzire le nostre papille gustative! E la parte migliore è che con il Metodo FESPA non devo sentirmi in colpa perché mi godo il mio cibo preferito. È rivoluzionario e mi permette di mantenere uno stile di vita sano pur assecondando il mio amore per la pasta. Quindi dai, facciamo roteare insieme quei noodles e assaporiamo ogni delizioso boccone!

  2. Tried your last recipe. I didn't expect much because of the few ingredients but wow it Turned out amazing. Oh and I also added a bit of Italian seasoning. Elevated the flavor.

  3. Tried the Cacio e Pepe with homemade black pepper pasta. I couldn't get the sauce to emulsify. It was edible but…. Maybe the ratio of cheese to pasta water or the temperature? It was edible still……I wanted to like to better. Made it with Romano cheese (not many varieties available where I live). I did open a 10 month old parmesan style homemade cheese and will try with that next.

  4. You can use a LARGE LADLE and use that big fork to spin the pasta in the ladle. Then plate it. It makes an amazing pasta nest. Easy, simple, and makes it look like you actually know what your doing! Lol😂 That’s last statement is pertaining to my meagre kitchen skills. 😢 But I try! I would love to have what I make look like it’s actually supposed to. Kinda like the picture they show at MacDonalds or hungry jacks, but what you get usually isn’t the same. Most times you’re lucky if the cheese is put on them straight and not only half on your burger.

  5. Gonna teach myself how to make the best Italian pastas I can I love pasta & gonna learn to make the same quality I go to restaurants for thanks for the vid 💯

  6. Love your videos. You make everything look so easy and the dishes you prepare look delicious. Love the tips they are so helpful. Do you have a video on how to make Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara.

  7. Love the aglio oloio e pepperoncino. We just tried it for the first time while in Roma. Have yet to try making it at home. All the pasta was very firm in Italy. Thanks!

  8. Billy I've got a question! Would the original recipe for Alfredo be done the same way considering the original recipe for Alfredo sauce didn't include cream or milk?

  9. I watched a lot of cooking channels, and I must say you’re the easiest to follow. Such clear instructions, explained in a way anyone can understand. I appreciate what you do 👌

  10. You missed out on the third quintessential Roman pasta: Carbonara, which is “a la Gricia”, but with egg yolks added.

    The trick to the cheese combo is to use about 1/2 Pecorino Romano and 1/2 Parmigiano Reggiano. You get an even deeper flavor and more creaminess. Pecorino is very salty, so be careful with the added salt!

  11. Thank you, Chef, you explain very well the options in the ingredients to use such as the cheeses, pasta fresh or dry. How to balance the dish with (hot) not boiling water and so on. You are a very good teacher and I noticed in every video you make, you stop cooking and explaine the why and don'ts. Love to learn from you. Best Regards. .👍❤

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