3 Easy Tofu Recipes | Sweet & Sour Tofu | Cripsy Tofu | Tofu Marinade

Here are 3 vegan tofu ideas for you! These vegan tofu dishes are leveled up 3 fun and delicious ways; basic marinated tofu you …


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  1. Impressed with your ability to take recipes and make them vegan. Loved this piece on tofu. I air fry my cubes and keep them in the refrig or freezer to throw on salads, in soups or whatever. Have even been known to take a container of my tofu with me to add when I am at non vegan places. Good camera work, excellent info, and all done with fun!

  2. I love this series! For the next one can you consider grilled cheese sandwiches? I’d also love to see your ideas for seitan dishes, salads that don’t suck, and maybe some kind of pasta besides mac and cheese or stir fry. Thanks! 🤗💚

  3. I have been looking for a great way to cook tofu and thank you so much because you have given me three delicious-looking ways to cook and eat it. I am now a very happy subscriber, thank you.

  4. My favorite cubed tofu prep is a dry rub (nutritional yeast, paprika, garlic powder, salt, pepper, whatever else you like) baked in 400 oven on parchment until crisp on the outside. I love it dipped in bbq sauce. I can't wait to try your sweet and sour sauce.

  5. ive never been a fan or soft or soggy tofu, but firm tofu is pretty nice! I will definitely try these.
    the only thing i dont agree with is that she could’ve used a reusable washable dishcloth instead if wasting so many papers towels lol

  6. PSA – "tofu that doesn't suck" is a common title for tofu cooking videos. I assume by coincidence, the title makes sense. Candice is not stealing some other youtuber's title.

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