3 EASY VEGAN BREAKFAST IDEAS FOR LAZY DAYS | Blueberry Muffins | Protein Pancakes + more | Edgy Veg



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  1. i've been doing a lot of overnight oats and chia pudding lately. nice to do the day before, so you don't have to waste time in the morning making stuff before work. my latest obsession is carrot cake overnight oats. so good!!!!

  2. Love your videos, but I don't support Bob's since their founders gifted $25 million dollars to OHSU, a school best known for its animal research programs. Always bummed to see other vegans promoting them.

  3. I just rediscovered I have a bag of Bob's Red Mill gluten free flour in my cabinet that I forgot about. My mother-in-law had no clue what to get vegans for their anniversary, so she got us a bag of flour.

  4. Me and my six year old have been eating lots of pumpkin pancakes with coconut or maple syrup. They were coming fluffy with baking powder but I will try the flax seed replacement next time. I usually make a large batch because they go fast and good for the next morning. Enjoy your videos.

  5. I have a bubble baby… Tree nuts and shell fish and everything else too much to list…. What is a good replacement anything almond flour etc…..? I wanna cook healthier but when you have someone with allergies its really hard…. Thank you

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