3 EASY + VEGAN Pasta Dishes

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  1. Love you girl bit the sound of those metal tongs in the pan for the last recipe made my soul cry 😢 lol 😂. I seriously can NOT wait to make these recipes..I mean SDT Bacon!!!!! ❤️ Thank you!

  2. I love the taste of meat but been a vegetarian for over 3 years. I'm learning to cook meat free meals. You can visit my account and watch the meat free Turkish food recipe

  3. Like that first one. It reminds me of the very simple pasta my old-country Sicilian neighbor ate every night! He used what we kids called, "the stinky cheese," lol.
    Have you made vegan jello from scratch? I've been fairly successful, but would love to see your take on it. You could also shoot me a (Meyer) lemon meringue pie/bars recipe too, if you're feeling it ;^)

  4. Ok, i googled it, and then i looked at all the comments to make sure it wasn't already asked/answered: what kind of pan is that with the higher lip on the side opposite the handle, the pan you cooked the sun-dried tomatoes in? i have to know!

  5. Made the Carbonara last night — probably the most amazing thing I've made yet. I used Bucatini instead of spaghetti – I actually had all the ingredients on hand! Thanks Edgy Veg!!!!!

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