3-Ingredient Slow Cooker Recipes

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  1. What the hell is everyone's problem in the comments. You clicked on this video knowing that it said 3 INGREDIENT RECIPES. What did you expect it to be? 5 Star Fancy Restaurant food.
    These are ingredients that people with less money and less time can throw together and make something decent. So sorry the person who made the video forgot the easy Filet Mignon with a side of Caviar.
    Should they also find a $10,000 bottle of wine to pair that with for you?

  2. I cant cook… annnndddd Im lost as hell…. Somebody help me with a REAL biscuits and gravy recipe because the comments section looks like something very disrespectful just happened with that recipe LMBO

  3. it’s to the point where me and my boyfriend watch these tasty videos to poke fun at them or scream at the screen… buzzfeed needs to rethink their hiring process…

  4. Sausage gravy is simple AF! Literally its flour, milk, and sausage! Just use a good sausage and you don't need much seasoning I just use salt with it and that's it! It also takes 10 minutes and not 2 hours

  5. Tasty is just a suggestion page. I'm pretty sure it's our job to do the research afterwards since they don't even do the beginning or ending time or the methods in between. They're big on efficiency in a short amount of time. Good ol marketing 😅

  6. Yall ought to get jail time for makin that monstrosity of what you described as biscuits and gravy. SHAME ON YOU. YALL KNOW MUSHROOM GRAVY AINT GOT NO PLACE IN THAT….🤦‍♀️👎

  7. Today's tasty recipe is 2 ingredient steak pie. Step 1, use steak pie filling (everyone surely just has a bag of that) step 2 put it in a pie crust. So easy to make your own food and only 2 easy ingredients. Simple simple simple

  8. Tried the biscuit and “gravy” recipe last night and I do not recommend. The biscuits on the outside burned and the ones in the middle didn’t get cooked all the way through and were very doughy. Felt like I was eating warmed up raw dough. Not good.

  9. FYI don’t use the clamps while cooking. The pressure can build up and boom! Those are meant for if your taking your dish to a pot luck or some such. And I really wouldn’t do it while heating vinegar and baking soda!🤦‍♀️

  10. Crock pots the best thing ever invented. Place to food in and forget about it love it use it three to four times a week. The only thing good I'm here I seen was the pulled chicken but I would use BBQ sauce and the cherry cobbler that's it.

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