3 INGREDIENT VEGAN CAKE HACKS | Can I Make A Vegan Cake Using Soda?!

It’s my birthday and I made myself the best vegan birthday cake ever! Best part is… it only have 3 ingredients! Did you know that …


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  1. How’s does the orange cream sickle cake taste? I’d imageWAY to surgery! The cake mix has the amount of sugar for a regular cake— and then the soda is like 1/2 sugar 🤣 ?

  2. I stopped paying attention to the video and just stared at how hot and yummy you are. I also burned my cake in the process.

  3. As a former Weight Watcher, we used to make the pumpkin one all the time. I also used to grate zucchini and do it the same way. Kind of mash it and make it like the pumpkin. Stir it into your cake mix and put in your muffin tin and bake. Really good!

  4. Quick question, So do some Vegans eat Corn Syrup? Because I have friends who are vegan and say Not to eat corn syrup, why, is it bad, it's just sugar, made from corn, No?!!

  5. I tried the cake hack!! I used Duncan Hines white cake mix, Hansen's mandarin & lime soda, and Duncan Hines Cream Cheese Homestyle frosting (all vegan). The ratio of 1 box of cake mix to 1 can of soda made 1 super thick and nicely flat 8 inch round cake for me. I doubled the recipe so I could make a big two-layer cake. I let my mixer run on low for around a minute, until the batter was evenly mixed and thickened up a bit. The cake turned out delicious and moist. It reminded me of store bought sheet cakes; it was quite sweet and a light texture. The cakes were quite crumbly so I only bothered to frost the top of each layer (the sides of the cakes started to crumble apart when I tried to frost them). I topped it with some sprinkles and candles as it was for my boyfriend's birthday party. Everyone raved about how tasty and moist the cake was! No one had any idea it was vegan hehe. The cake didn't taste at all like creamsicle or orange, though. That might be because I used natural orange soda. I saw a lot of people asking for a review so I hope this helps!!

  6. Once I tried the cola cake with chocolate mix and it didn’t work for me😣. It came out dense and odd, I wonder why 🤔. But this orange creamsicle cake you made looks moist and fluffy 👌🏼. I’ll have to try this out one day. 🌱

  7. To all wondering: these muffins are amazing!! My very omnivorous family loved them, prompting us to try the hack with canned sweet potatoes & chocolate cake mix (also good, but not amazing). A few notes:

    1. These don't really rise/change shape in the oven, so do smooth out the tops if you care what they look like.
    2. They're super moist, so we had to bake for longer than 15 minutes (probably around 30 minutes at 350 degrees).
    3. Because they're so moist (not typical muffin consistency), I'd suggest baking in silicon muffin cups. Ours didn't separate the best from paper liners.

    Thanks for the recipe & happy (belated) birthday, Candice!!

  8. the second cake is a german thing it's called fanta cake (fanta is a german orange flavoured soda) you see that kind of cake very often at kids birthday partys

  9. Oh another Taurus! I turned 37 on May 9th! I wanted a vegan cake and couldn't find anyone to make it for me bc I didnt have a oven or a toaster oven at that time. Now I'm super excited bc I have a air fryer/toaster oven that's big enough to cook a 12inch pizza… I am a newbie vegan as of the 26th of April so I'm super excited for these recipes… especially since I always have a sweet tooth… love your videos! I Need a cookbook…

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