3 Unconventional Ways to Use Hash Browns | Super Easy + Vegan

In today’s video, we are using Cavendish Farm’s newest All-Day Breakfast Mini Quick Cook Hash Brown Patties to make 3 …


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  1. Omg yeasssss!! I LIVE off smoked tofu and just bought a bunch of hashbrowns! Im so excited i just found your channel!! So much i can learn in one place ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Hi. I got your new cookbook for christmas- and being from the maritimes, figured I needed to make the donairs. Girl! You nailed it. Wow!. Tomorrow its gonna be the chocolate tidbits. 🐞

  3. Great to see beautiful & gorgeous Candice back. Yes love 😍 potatoes and those recipes are fantastic and thanks for sharing Candice. Love 🥰 the video and love 💕 Candice.

  4. OMGoodness- I know what I’m eating all day today! Why did I never think of putting them in an AirFryer? I have some vegan breakfast sausage patties in the freezer too!

  5. For making anything just a touch sweet, instead of adding sugar or maple syrup, try bumping up the ph level using tiny amounts of baking soda! Seriously, from tomato soup to vegan mascarpone chees!

  6. I purchased the vedgy egg powder some months back. Does your cookbook have recipes for that? I have been vegan 8 years and breakfast is my favorite food I would like the "yolk" of the vedgy egg powder or something. I love potatoes of all kind too.

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