3 VEGAN BACK-TO-SCHOOL BREAKFAST IDEAS | Cinnabon Smoothie | Breakfast Sandwich | The Edgy Veg

It’s that time of the year again. The kids are back to school and Candice has come up with some stellar breakfast ideas that are not only vegan but easy to put …


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  1. Helpful and fun to watch. You goof off in the kitchen like I do. I get bored waiting on timers and such and well I also usually have a 3 year daughter orbiting me and asking me a zillion question about anything she can reach with her sticky little fingers, lol.

  2. OMG you guys are SOOOOOOO cute!!!!!! PS- GREAT recipes. My bf and I are working through your recipes. He's a chef and LOVES you!!!!! =D =D PPS- I'd LOVE to see James do a show…. LOL I think it would be hilarious!!!! =D

  3. Please come back to YouTube. I love your recipes that use eggplant in breadcrumbs that taste like fish. Literally eggplant slices, in slices, covered in breadcrumbs and you call it NcFillet of Fish. I think there are more ridiculous bitches on YouTube but I've yet to see on.

  4. You made me laugh. I think you have a great sense of humour ! And your recipes are great. Been watching your videos recently and living them. Ignore the negative comments- some people have no life !! 😊

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