3 VEGAN DINNER RECIPES | Orange Chicken w Soy Curls | Vegan Sloppy Joes | Easy Ramen | The Edgy Veg

Here are my 3 easy and vegan week day dinner ideas for you! These 3 easy vegan dinner ideas are a fun twist on the classics …


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  1. I made my hubby stir fry with this and he swear he was eating meat…. He's a tuff cookie to fool.. Aslong I don't use tofu he will try it… giggles
    I usually use Hoosier soy chunks for my orange chicken…
    Also it's best to buy it from supplier cause Amazon charge extra…

  2. I made Orange Chicken with Soy Curls last weekend (after finally finding soy curls on Amazon) and it was DELICIOUS! The only thing I decided to do differently was double the sauce. OH, and I had orange juice but no orange, so I didn't add zest. Still, AMAZING! Thank you Edgy Veg

  3. Could you please develop a yummy "meatloaf" recipe using lentils or such? My husband so loves the Amy's meatloaf, and I tried recreating it but failed, plus it's too expensive for us as we care for many rescue animals. It would be awesome to have a homemade version. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome veggie recipes, every one of them is delicious! Thank you so much.

  4. Congratulations on your cookbook! I just bought it! Yay! I've been a vegetarian for 10 years and now I'm going vegan! It's proven difficult so far, but I'm determined to eliminate animal products from my diet .. I love your channel and I'm soooo excited for your cookbook to arrive! I have many carnivore eating family members (husband included!) so I'm super excited to cook them some of your recipes and hopefully, at the very least, turn one of them vegetarian! Hahaa (one can dream right!?)…… So thank you for writing this cookbook! Looking forward to it's arrival!

  5. Hey Candice!
    All these meals look so good! I'm planning on making the Sloppy Joe's for me and my brother next weekend 🙂
    I do have one heads up though, sadly worcester sauce isn't vegan since it contains anchovies… Can you recommend any substitutes?
    Much love

  6. Could you make a mini version of the carrot hot dogs, but like a "little smokies" version for like football season food? Or like a corn dog with the carrot dogs? Something more kid oriented!!

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