3 VEGAN TACOS | Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Tacos | Bang Bang Fish Tacos | The Edgy Veg

Here are 3 vegan taco ideas for you! These vegan tacos are leveled up 3 fun and delicious ways; basic vegan taco, Buffalo …


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  1. Your hair is super adorbs it makes me want to try harder with my flat iron 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ also, I love the simple takes at vegan food. I’m a vegetarian because I eat cheese sometimes but if not for that I stick for vegan meals and you have some great ones. Appreciate you much, girl! From one sort of vegan def a born vegetarian to another lol

  2. Thanks for the leveled up tacos I asked for! I’m trying to stop shying away from “spicy” foods, but can you recommend something more moderate than sriracha?

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