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  1. Just made the roasted red pepper mac n cheese with brown rice fusilli pasta. The sauce was AMAZING but yielded enough that I used 16oz of pasta and there was plenty of sauce to go around. My new crave!!!

  2. Just how much stuff should you have to add to vegetarian dishes just to make them half way edible? Put some meat in it and make it tasty without the other stuff

  3. I don't see a single reason in the world to stop eating dairy unless you have an allergic reaction to it? Why? Because of the animals? They're just animals ffs. Let them die no one gives a shit. Dairy is super healthy and fucking stupid vegans are gonna come throw stupid and useless arguements at me, but Idc.

  4. I despise the taste of cashews. They taste waxy and offensive! 🀒😩 I'll try subbing these sauces with another nut perhaps… πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

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