4 Easy 3-Ingredient No-Bake Desserts

Here is what you’ll need! 4 EASY 3-INGREDIENT NO-BAKE DESSERTS PEANUT BUTTER CUPS Serves 6 INGREDIENTS 3 tablespoons powdered sugar, …


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  1. Thank u so much! My dad is sick and I’m only 9 so I’m trying to find some no bake deserts to make him feel better😊 Me and my little brother made him the peanut butter treats! He loved them❤️ so all I want to say is thank u!

  2. HEY YOU!! I’m gonna make those Reese’s peanut butter cups by melting GHiradelli(idek how to spell it) chocolate chips!! I will update you guys once I’ve made it!

    Edit: OMG!! They tasted so good and they came out perfectly I used chunky peanut butter and I melted sum chocolate and my dad loved it so much. My family told me it was the best dessert I have ever made

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