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  1. Landmark popcorn is vegan and they even categorize it vegan 🙂
    I heard (from an employee) that cineplex changed their recipe a few months ago and it now contains dairy in the salt, but you can ask for it unsalted and it will be dairy free – the self-serve margarine oil stuff is still vegan. Worth double checking because they could have misunderstood the whole “may contain” thing and maybe it’s still vegan.

  2. Soooo I'm not sure if you don't know, but sugar is not vegan. I'm not even vegan and I know that lol. sugar is made with animal bone char, so it uses animal products. Meaning it's not vegan

  3. Great info! Thanks! I also live in Toronto – just wondering what brands of our crusts you are finding – I've struggled to find any, apart from PC gf crust

  4. In America at least, MOST bbq chips are accidentally vegan but definitely check first just in case. I’m in Colorado and the great value (Walmart brand) big chips are savory and delicious for those who don’t care for the sweet bbq flavors like myself.

  5. I was so happy about cineplex. I even reached out to them to confirm and they said while they can’t say it is vegan because of a shared facility it is vegan friendly and I was so happy. But I think my fav one is Sweet Chili Heat Doritos or Super Pretzel because I love carbs

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