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  1. Veggies are good carbs and useful for the body and low on calories BUT what I don't understand in American cooking is why you overload food with cheese is it like a spice to you, the cooking will taste the same with half the amount of cheese, if you want low calories and low carbs putting that much cheese isn't helping it makes the effort useless

  2. All that cheese and cream is worse for you than the carb you're trying to avoid. In the long run too much protein makes your body more acidic and prone to diseases that is more harmful than the carbs you're trying to swap. Please make better choices in the foods you eat everybody.

  3. The only reason I'm watching this video is because a girl in school a few weeks ago she mistook a zucchini for an animal and last week a yelled in the middle of class "has anyone seen my pet zucchini" every one laughed except the girl that mistook them and the teacher the teacher said "stop" and now the girl is my enemy

  4. But they add carbs in other ways…corn, beans, bread crumbs… It’s easy enough to make them completely keto-friendly though. Chicken enchiladas with zucchini would be good. 😋

  5. Hey geniuses. The very first recipe has high carbs bc you decided to use black beans and corn. You do realize vegetables are still carbs and beans and corn are ungodly starchy?

  6. So your telling me that when your making snacks you can substitute zucchini for cheese as a "carb swap" but then add a cup of Bread crumbs! on top?! What they are doing here is simply replacing the same carb (wheat) several times with a vegetable that also has very few calories so it wont be filling, and that also has carbs in it!? Dont see this as hate, I simply wanted to point this out, because I personally am ketogenic.

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