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  1. Me: Wow these are really good ideas i should make one! goes downstairs to see what i can make
    Me: sees so many things to make
    Also Me: grabs an apple

  2. Здравствуйте! Как интересно, вы приготовили сосиски в тесте и картошку мне понравилось, попробую приготовить! Обязательно попробую приготовить! Приглашаю и Вас к себе на канал, буду вам рад))

  3. That's the right name for this channel…. tasty, you bet.
    But healthy on the other side… if you cook and eat only like in theses videos, you'll weight an extra 100lbs in about 6 month to a year.
    Would be nice to have morr tasty and healthy alternative to the usual cheese, carbs and fried saturated fat.

  4. I liked them all, on the cocktail pigs in a blanket, add a slice of water chestnut in the roll up for an interesting texture. Also a tip, an apple corer or oxo brand veggie peeler is great for coring out jalapenos instead of a knife which may punctures the side of the jalapeno .

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