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  1. Some of the recipes in this video misses some steps (like refrigerating the buttered ramekins before they are filled) and takes shortcuts (adding most of the sugar at once for the meringue, not running the thumb across the rim of the mould). As expected from Tasty of course, there are plenty of other channels that offer much better souffle recipes.

  2. I tried the first souffle recipe and I dont know what I did wrong my souffle didnt rise and the batter just overflow I am not blaming Tasty I did something wrong I know and my oven…

    Its a fking mess

  3. So me and my younger brother made the espresso souffle cuz quarantine. Since hes young we replaced it with coco powder. We only had a thicccc bowl so we made one big serving instead of two and doubled the cooking time. My brother devoured it! Success!!!

  4. What was the point of whipping so much air into the egg whites for them to over-mix them with the chocolate ones, effectively getting rid of all the extra air they spent so much time whipping into the egg whites?? 😡🤦🏼‍♀️

  5. I cringed when I saw the strawberry one. It’ is not even a soufflé! It’s a baked meringue. A soufflé is a batter / pastry cream mixed with meringue, and the batter gives the soufflé “body” and prevents it from collapsing. The strawberry soufflé only added strawberry purée into the meringue, causing the mixture to be too airy and too watery. That’s why it deflated in just a few seconds – a good soufflé usually stays standing for more than a few minutes.

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