5 Easy Air Fryer Recipes and Hacks for Beginners!

Today’s video shares some of my favourite hacks to make the best food in your air fryer. From fried rice and cookies to …


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  1. I love her. She’s hilarious and truly herself all the time. She is made for TV as well. Its a shame that she still hasn’t reached a million yet. Watching her since she started.

  2. Any tip to make pizza in air fryer? My air fryer (philips xxl) could blow shredded cheese every where, it’s difficult to keep cheese where they are. Sometimes cheese become a cheese stick before melts, which never happen before in the oven.

  3. My girlfriend is vegan and I’ve been thinking of ways to support her lifestyle and this Airfryer is the game changer. I’m a horrible cook, but damn is it easy to make vegan food with the air fryers. Thank you for your videos ! You’re helping me become a better cook and better boyfriend ❤️

  4. I use the air fryer probably at least 2 times a day.
    And not as a fryer. I use it instead of the microwave or oven.
    About 90% of the things I used to use the microwave for I use the air fryer instead.

    It’s a small convention oven, you don’t need to preheat, and not have any cooking vessel for. That has great air circulation and getting a crust on things.

    I use it for bake-off bread rolls in the morning, to reheat vegs and protein leftovers for a quick and easy lunch (and it tastes so much better reheating in the air fryer then in the microwave), for dinner I might use the oven for one thing and use the air to cook a side at a other temperature.

    It’s just so convenient, especially if you are just cooking a quick meal for yourself, two people or kids, no dishes, set the timer and just let it cook while you chop up some vegs and fix the rest of the food, it will stop on it on and you can’t just take it out when you are done with the rest.

    This was not one of those kitchen appliances that mainly stay in the cupboard and are rarely used.
    Next time I move if I have to choose to prioritise counter space in the kitchen, a air fryer is higher on my list then a microwave.

    And it’s just so great to make it easy to create a quick light lunch or snack.
    Just pop in a few frozen spring rolls, dumplings, pizza, cauliflower wings, falafel, etc

  5. amazing – one thing, that oven to air fryer ratio for me is way too compicated. what works for me is same temperature as the oven recipe and half the time. so if it says 400F for 20mins, in the air fryer its 400F (or highest temperature) for 10. simple simple!

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