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  1. TIP: Carb = Sugar… Low-Carb = LOW SUGAR

    1 cup sweet potatoes = 15g carbs … CARBS ARE SUGAR!
    4g sugar = 1 teaspoon sugar … nearly 4 teaspoons of sugar in 1 cup sweet potato!

  2. What the heck? Sweet potatoes and two tablespoons of brown sugar? Depending on the chili paste, that too can be quite carby, because it can have added sugars. So your low carb pad thai is actually a fairly high carb meal. Why the heck would you falsely advertise it as low carb? This just fuels misinformation, and it's honestly quite annoying, when your general recipes otherwise are quite good and entertaining.

  3. To everyone complaining that these aren't low carb, please stop fucking mixing up low carb and keto. They are NOT the same thing. Both US and UK recommendations for carb intake for a non-diabetic person are well over 200 carbs per day. Anything below what is recommended by the health agencies in your country, is LOW CARB. They didn't say keto. they said low carb. Tomato sauce without added sugar has 7, a whole potato has around 38. You can eat carbs and be healthy. You can eat no carbs and be healthy. But for fucks sake don't come to a low carb video and expect no carbs.

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