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  1. The last one is not a paella, please, world, stop doing that to our paella. Paella does NOT have chorizo or peppers, please, my hearts aches whenever I see that. Listen to us, listen to the spanish people.

  2. I'm super confused by the jackfruit recipe…to use it as a meat sub it needs to be young/green/unripe jackfruit otherwise it's sweet as shit, like using pineapple as a meat alternative. If you want to do this properly, buy young jackfruit canned in brine…fresh jackfruit is not the way this is supposed to go 😭

  3. So many annoying ass people losing their shit about cheese and/or eggs.
    It says MEATLESS not Vegan. Pretentious mofos acting like vegan and vegetarian are the same thing.
    <——— **meat lover that enjoys occasionally vegetarian AND vegan meals**.

  4. isn't egg a vegan food??
    i mean it comes from a hen and hens are from the category: poultry and poultry is a group of chicken and chicken is a meat in short chicken is not a vegan food…

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