5 Min vs. 50 Min vs. 5 Hour Pasta (ft. Binging With Babish) • Tasty

Andrew Rea, the creator of Binging With Babish, demonstrates 3 wonderful pasta recipes for 3 different occasions. Check out the …


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  1. Made fresh pasta for the first time earlier this year. Hand kneading is not for the weak, it took me 18 minutes to get to a point where the dough bounced back but after that, I was pretty happy with the results!

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  3. I know its been 2 years since this video was posted 🙈 but im just finding this video now. 1st minutes in im wondering about the seasoning with salt when the dish is basically finished. Was the pastawater not seasoned enough with salt? Since it not only should flavour the pasta, but also when you are using the water to finish the sauce.. right?

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