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  1. Do u use ur shower filter to wash ur face ?? I have a shower filter and wondering if I can put my face under it to wash then use beauty water to spray after

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  5. Too much alkaline on face causes dried skin along with breakouts and sensitivity, skin suppose to be in between acidic and alkaline, basically a neutral

  6. I looked up the water filter for shower and it said to replace every 3-6 months, are there filter pieces that can be changed in the shower head itself or would i need to just keep ordering the shower heads?

  7. Isn't it funny that citrus fruits lower your body's acid level and increases alkaline? O_o As a native Florida boy who grew up in the citrus fields I was shocked to learn!

  8. Great tips, already doing number 5, will consider the others. I'm experimenting with astaxanthin right now as part of my skin routine, can't comment yet as it's only been two days… but the reviews online are really compelling. It's an incredibly potent antioxidant, good for skin and eye health amongst other things.

  9. Thanks for the tips!! Tons of water and cutting out dairy have done awesome things for my skin. I'm going to invest in that shower head! I need a new one anyways… 😃

  10. the person with the best skin i've ever seen was the girl on "my strange addiction" who drank gasoline… so poreless & smooth 😛

  11. I wash my face with Dr. Bronner's hemp soap twice a day and it always keeps my skin clean as long as I eat well throughout the day! You can get it at most grocery stores and health stores!

  12. My number one tip would be "cut out dairy" but as a vegan you already do that. Second tip: chemical peels. Such a game changer for me! And don't forget the sunscreen ☺

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