5 Vegan Foods I’d NEVER Buy at a Restaurant

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  1. agree with all of these bc I can make them better myself EXCEPT cauliflower wings! some restaurants make them sooooooo well they're like my favorite food & I'll never be tired of them haha

  2. I approve. And why did restaurantes stop serving black bean burgers? They were hard to find but sooooo good.
    Tip: try to go to mexican restaurants when you hang out with people. They have way more options and ways to tweak foods.

  3. We rarely go out to eat, in the UK vegan options are pretty rubbish and we know we can make better at home for way less money.

  4. I’m with you. I feel like I should be dropping off recipes at restaurants, or referring them to the many great vegan chefs like yourself. So sick of the standard veggie burger option 😑

  5. Tell me what you would eat then if you're a vegan and you don't want to eat those things what would you eat don't want spaghetti you don't want salad and you don't want avocado toast what would you eat then we don't eat meat or eggs or dairy what would you eat then

  6. I one time paid $24 for a "cauliflower steak." They brought me… Half of a small head of cauliflower, 4 fingering potatoes, and 4 asparagus spears.

    For $24, at least give me the whole cauliflower!

  7. This describes most of the vegan options at a lot of non-vegan restaurants I go to (with the exception of various types of Asian food and Mexican food). The only ones missing are hummus and fries. Restaurants need to get more creative with their vegan options.

  8. Well there is this restaurant in Memphis called City Silo. They have a lot of vegan options on their menu and everything is made fresh and nothing is deep fried. They have an awesome Kale Caesar Salad and I will order that. They make their own dressing and it's not like any vegan Caesar Salad dressing I have ever had.

  9. Usually when I eat out I think I can make something better at home. It's not even necessarily that I'm a great cook, just that I know enough and I can cater to my own tastes.

    But that's not usually the reason I eat out. I eat out for social reasons most of the time. And I don't eat at restaurants very often.

    I'm going to a network lunch tomorrow and the restaurant has basically nothing vegan. So I guess I'll eat before and just order something to drink.

  10. Hard disagree on the salads, salads take forever if you like good salads with lots of toppings that are cut up small enough to eat and everything is actually washed. Maybe you can manage the prep faster than us at home. Salads are one of my favorites to order out.

  11. I agree. These are things I’d ONLY order if there were NO other options and i was starving… I’d eat it & feel like I got finessed because we all know damn well they’re gonna be over priced 🤣😬🙄

  12. I loathe ordering pasta at a restaurant unless it is so loaded with veg.
    I personally like getting a salad, a well made salad. I hate washing and chopping veggies, so if I can catch a break and get someone else to do the work I'm all in.
    Lets quit calling cauliflower wings… I never do this especially with my non-vegan people, it creates some expectation of something similar to actual wings. I just say I'm making fried cauliflower with buffalo sauce.
    Overall, I'm grateful for all those options, often times it's the difference in me being able to join others at their restaurant of choice. Most of the time people try to accommodate my needs, but sometimes I want them to enjoy their birthday meal or whatever the way that they want.

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