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  1. If you love me l am BEGGING you. PLEASE don't make a pink relationship from a relationship that 100% can never work now because l had try via cheating and more. PLEASE. I CAN'T MARRY A BORN AGAIN VIRGIN, VIRGIN WITH MONEY, SUM IT AM VIEGON, ETC. IN MY OPINION ONLY!!!! PLEASE. If he truly loved me l would've never blood tried. He needs to go to prison for everything he has done to me and everyone. PLEASE HEAR MY CRY THAT THAT I EANT IT TO BR IMPOSSIBLE. YOU EITHER BE PERFECT OR IT'S IMPOSSIBLE. STOP TRYING TO FIX OR CHANGE THINGS. It could have been meant to be, but it's not. I wish we never met. I promise. I swear on Keagan's life l want a divorce. I promise l will say this happy. I promise.

  2. Ok so everything looks yummy but not the healthiest choices. I want to try it. I once was vegetarian for 6 months and that was all. One of my ex-es brought fresh shark and he ruined my diet. 🙂 I can’t even imagine being vegan non stop. I want to but I can’t.

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