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  1. All of these recipes have one thing in common. None of them used actual Curry powder or Curry leaves. I’m no Indian. But I grew up in a country that has Roti Canai, Fish head curry. South Indian style curry.

  2. Never add garam masala while cooking the other spices, bc garam masala is made from toasted (cooked) spices and then grounded. Always add it at the end and let for curry simmer for 2-4 mins. Over-cooking garam masala will make it lose it's fragrance and flavour.

  3. These whites invented the curry powder and thought it's ingenious.
    It's equivalent to mixing up elements used in French cuisine as a powder and calling it "French cuisine powder"

  4. ngl…..they 'adopt' the curries in a way that makes it completely different. Like make the curries in the traditional fashion, if not, just bracket it in the title, American way, like i was actually thinking to make sum original curry

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