6 Heavenly Cream Cheese Recipes You Need In Your Life

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  1. I bought 2 lbs of cream cheese for the unbelievable price of 78 cents (it had an expiration date of 4 days ago) and was wondering how to make of that and this video is perfect. I wish she'd write the recipes out. Easier that way.

  2. I thought it said "quick"….. I don't got time for this! I need a QUICK SNACK. Not a 30 MINUTE PREPARATION EXQUISITE APPETIZER!

  3. I love when you show what happens if your recommended recipe is done in different ways, we can go straight to the desired results without thinking in what ifs. Also, you go straight to the points without extra filling time.

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful work!

  4. This music sounds like it should be in a video game playing while you building an elf guild or something.
    On a side note, I'm going to have to fuck with them cheesecake cookies.

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