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  1. The foods look tasty, but I don't understand why it needed a plastic bag to marinate the tofu. It is not good for the environment. Is there no other way? If everyone cooks like this, how many bags are we going to threw away? Our beautiful planet is going to have to take all the waste? It is not good. This is my opinon.

  2. the broccoli dish, 1/4 cup soy sauce is 3500 MG sodium, that 3.5 grams of salt, YUK Soy sauce is high in sodium, which is associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure

  3. Vegan Chilli Recipe

    1. Place in oil
    8 garlic
    1 onion
    1 red bell pepper
    1 jalapeño
    2. Spices
    Salt & pepper
    Chili powder
    3. Stir
    1. Add
    Diced tomatoes 4-6
    Crushed tomatoes 24 oz
    Stock 4 cups
    Water 2 cups
    Quinoa 1.5 cups
    Kidney beans
    Pinto beans
    Black beans
    5. Simmer 25 mins
    6. Add
    Lime juice
    7. Simmer 5 mins

  4. (4:27) Tofu and Broccoli Recipe:

    Firm Tofu (14 OZ)
    Vegetable oil (1 TSP)
    Sesame oil (1 TSP)
    Broccoli (3 CUPS)
    Vegetable broth (3 TBSP)
    2 cloves Garlic
    Ginger (1 TSP)
    Sesame oil (1/2 TSP)
    Soy Sauce (1/4 CUP)
    Agave syrup or honey (2 TBSP)
    Rice vinegar (1 TBSP)
    Corn starch slurry (2 TBSP)
    Toasted sesame seeds (1-1/2 TSP)
    Any rice

  5. (0:56) Tofu Stir Fry Recipe:

    4 cloves Garlic
    Ginger (2 TSP)
    Honey (1 TBSP)
    Sriracha (1 TSP)
    Lime juice (1/4 CUP)
    Soy sauce (1/4 CUP)
    Extra Firm Tofu
    Sesame Oil (2 CUP)
    Onion (1 CUP)
    Carrots (1 CUP)
    Bell Peppers (1 CUP)
    Edamame (1/2 CUP)
    Soba noodles (3 CUPS, cooked)
    Sesame seeds (1 TBSP)

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