6 Incredible No-Bake Desserts

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  1. I don’t have chocolate chips or just chocolate because I ate all of them
    I don’t have peanut butter because I ate it all
    I don’t have Oreos oop I meant chocolate sandwich cookies lol because I ate all of them
    I don’t have strawberry’s because I ate all of them
    I don’t have gram crackers because you guessed it I ate all of them

  2. Me: “watches these videos and gets weirded out by sandwich cookies”

    *Secretly tasty: we don’t get sponsored by Oreo

    Also me: *goes to the store and finds a white packet that says sandwich cookies and runs back home to sleep to get out of a nightmare

  3. I used the orea biscuits and made Swiss roll.i mixed the biscuits with milk and made dough.Then, I mixed some milk with the cream .it made a good chocolatey sauce .I spread teh sauce in the dough,refrigerated it and cut it into pieces .it was awesome !!

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