6 Vegan Lunch Meal Preps

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  1. So much of chick peas, u will end up with stomach aches and flatulence..
    ~ me as a vegetarian since birth, waiting for vegans to discover other lentils and pulses as protien source..🙂
    Me as an indian– this food is just sad, but hey atleast they are trying..

  2. Talked to my cousin about being vegan and at first she said I could never do that but the next day she told me she’s gonna give it a try and she’s excited 🙂

  3. Some of these recipes are dramatically lacking adequate protein to be considered satiating and balanced. This could easily be fixed by just adding a few mock meats, more tofu, or beans why the resistence to protein in so many vegan recipes? Makes zero sense.

  4. One should always eat fresh. I don't believe in storing cooked food for days in plastic containers (please don't argue about the quality of plastic because in the end, plastic is plastic). This is how lifestyle diseases rapidly spread. Love the Indian way of cooking and consuming fresh.

  5. Omg every please don’t think this is what all vegan food is like. I’ve been vegan for like 7 years and I would never eat any of this it does not look tasty it just looks like vegetables with seasoning😭

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