6 Vegetarian Meal Ideas – What I cooked this week – Quick Indian Vegetarian Meal Ideas for Busy days

Weekly Vegetarian Meal Ideas – Thali Recipe – Quick and simple 6 Meal Ideas – Cook with me Timecode: 0:00 Intro 0:33 Kale …


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  1. Hello Suchi.. I had one question… y do I keep a cloth below ur chopping board while doing any chopping. Does it maintain the color of the counter top. I hav quarts white quarter top and somehow it looks a bit off white near my gas stove… will keeping a cloth help in keeping its color not go off white ?

  2. Thank you so much didi for sharing these recipes. My mother's health and memory have been declining so I do not have anyone to teach me to cook. I have a 2.5 year old son and I want him to grow up remembering mumma ka hath ka khana like I did. Thank you I am so happy I found your channel ❤️

  3. Hi suchi , i love the way you cook and love your life style. I have one suggesstion as i see bangan sabji i thought lets share with you new gujarati bangan raceipe, you can also add besan , jaggery and litel bit oil and all masala which already added in bangan stuffing. It will be yummyyy. Just try once you will love it.

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