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  1. Olive oil doesn’t have a high boiling point so it turns pretty toxic when used in baking. It’s best to use another kind of oil such as coconut, rice bran, etc and save olive oil for salads.
    Cool video though and I’m excited to try these recipes.

  2. Sooooo, I just made the chickpeas recipe, it's very tasty and very simple, but here a few tips: if you want to easily remove the skin (I used canned ones) just use the textile you're using to dry them and while drying make sure you gently roll them, the skin will get off. Still, I'm lazy and I left most of the skin, it still came out well. The only thing I didn't like was the "Italian spice" thing, the video didn't point out what herbs it was using and mine came out more bland than I would like. Next time I'll try to spice them up with pepper and paprika

  3. Nothing is guilt free because nothing should be guilty! Life is too short to feel guilty about eating certain foods. Nothing wrong with eating healthy I personally love eating a healthy diet but that doesn't mean you should stress about eating something classed as "bad"

  4. Instead of using “guilt free” in your videos maybe use “healthier options” or something to that extent. I’m saying this because people who may suffer with ED’s or who are recovering, or just anyone may find this video and will take it as they need to lose more weight, or the food that they eating are making them fat. Or just something to that. no hate just please be aware of the choose of wordings :).

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  6. 4 Tablespoon oil in the sweet potatoes chips means 500 calories just from the oil. It was really one serving. I rather eat a good meal if I’m eating 600 calories. 480 calories from oil + 115 calories from the potato itself.

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