8 Onion Ring Recipes

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  1. Never thought I’d actually make any of these cause of my laziness and now this is the video that came to my mind for cooking class’s performance task involving appetizers

  2. Tasty Food Elves…I totally appreciate thiS MagiCal video that you havVe made to Inspire me!!! All your onion rinG receipes look Dangerously Delicious and I am lookinG forward to makinG 2 of these thiS cominG week!!! Much lovVe to you all!!!😍✌😇🌎🌹🌞🦋🍹

  3. idk why, but i come back to this video every once in a while. usually sometime late at night and hungry. there's something really special about it. somehow it gives me a feeling of safety and comfort. it really has a special place in my heart. idk why doe.

  4. I have bad memories of me trying to make onion rings for my mom on Mother's Day for Breakfast in Bed, and I almost burnt down the house when I dripped oil on the stove

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