A Private Chef Tries To Make A 3-Course Meal For 4 for $20 • Tasty

We’re mindful of how the current coronavirus outbreak might be affecting your access to stores and general grocery items. Please know that many of these …


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  1. I love her personality! It was such a fun video 😀 I hope she keeps coming back!
    Edit: Not to mention she's so skilled and easy to follow!!

  2. I did this menu 3 days ago and it was such a big hit!
    I did some minor changes to my taste, added a green salad as a dish, used grape tomatoes and cucumber instead of zucchini on the 1st plate, roasted red pepper instead of spinach in the chicken rolls, and used regular pannacotta with strawberry jam on top. All worked great!
    Really incredible, delicious (especially the red pepper sauce OMG) and the cost was close to the one you mention, even if I am in another country, overall thank you so much for these!

  3. It went horrible, when blended the heat i think caused the blender to explode causing a huge mess, do not attempt to do the sauce if you are definitely sure the recipe is right and that you have safety gear on. I am currently soaking my middle and index finger in cold water from the burn

  4. You just got a follow to your IG! This was so easy to watch and understand (and I don’t like cooking lol). I’ll definitely be trying some recipes you share 💗

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