A ‘Realistic’ Vegan WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Easy Vegan Meals

Today is a realistic take on my typical vegan what I eat in a day videos. From a peanut butter and jelly smoothie to delicious vegan …


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  1. These look so good,will definitely need to make them.They are the best recipe I have seen for them.

    I am the same about crispy edges. I prefer not to have any either.

  2. I've been following your channel for 5 years (started when you released the Chick Fil A copycat) and I haven't been vegan but have always aspired to be. Sooooo half a decade later, I'm ready to pull the trigger (I can't wait to make your lobster roll, btw!) But what advice would you give for someone who has a carnivore partner? How do you do it? Do you have to cook two meals every time? It's easy when we go out, but at home that can get pricy (and tiring). I want to be a vegan for animal ethics, however, as a functional health practitioner, I respect that some people (like my partner) wouldn't thrive on a vegan diet (also I don't want to force it), so I "don't mind" cooking animal protein for him (I know, I know, its hypocritical but I love him and respect his diet choices), but I have to go vegan. I'd love your opinion.

  3. I'm a Hispanic meat eater but man those enchiladas are really tempting me to try your vegan recipe only I HAVE to use corn tortillas. Lol …can't wait to make & munch down💜🧡💜

  4. The cheese doesn’t taste like potato flakes does it? Last time I tried vegan cheese I gagged on that taste. I’ve just been avoiding cheese lol

  5. I was skeptical to try the cheese. I was never really a fan of the texture of daiya in the past but HOLY CRAP! It is so good. The pepper jack is my favorite

  6. Vegan for a few years now – I eat literally all day long, but I eat tons of veggies, homemade “chipotle” style bowls, and a good green protein shake in the morning. Skinny legend.

  7. I literally had Daiya paperback cheese for the first time this week, and it was so gross that I had to go to the kitchen and remove it from the dish. I really hope I bought the old version and this new version really is as good as you're claiming. Maybe it only tastes good melted/into a sauce?
    If anyone has had both, and can chime in if the new version really is better or not, I would love to hear it.

  8. I just made this recipe tonight and IM SHOOK! I think it might be my fave Edgy Veg recipe. The spices created one of the best sauces I’ve ever tasted and each bite of the cheesy mixture within the tortilla blew my mind! I actually only used 1 pack of daiya’s new cheddar shredded cheese and was perfect! My non-vegan family was shocked how good it was when they knew I was making a vegan meal tonight😂 10/10 recommend this recipe

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