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  1. I need to experiment with crumble meat alternatives more. I’ve only tried the Morning Star Farms and Impossible Burger stuff and wasn’t super impressed with either but I think I just need to try out different recipes other than chili and burger lol

  2. Each Christmas we had this, and I hated it (still do, but since I'm vegan it's not in my plate anymore)! XD I since I don't like ketchup I was twice screw! Until my aunt who lived in the Lac St-Jean region bring a tourtière du Lac St-Jean, it was so much better, with the chunks of beef, potatoes and carrots. Pretty sure there's more in it, but I was a child/teenager in those time, so I didn't pay more attention then that.

  3. I've never heard of this before. It's very similar to a Northern (England) meat and potato pie but with mushrooms instead of potato. We always ate it with ketchup too. Instead we eat the pie top first then use the pie as a plate for the ketchup so there's no washing up.

  4. Ymm….this Quebec pie reminds me of Cheeseburger pie from the States, BUT, probably so much tastier and healthier as well! Bon Apetit dear Candice. 🙂

  5. Thanks for this recipe! Love your channel, it has been so helpful and inspirational since I made the switch a year ago. You mentioned a vegan Worcestershire sauce, do you have a link for that? 🙂

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