A Very Merry Holiday Dinner Party w/ The Edgy Veg , Hot for Food & Health Nut Nutrition | HD

Join us for a festive Holiday dinner party! I have invited my friends Lauren from Hot for Food and Nikky from Health Nut Nutrition …


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  1. So sad I missed this live but I sat through it all tonight 🙂 Loved hearing all of your discussions about vegan kids, what to bring to vegan potlucks, and just seeing you ladies chat. <3

  2. Ladies… fantastic stream!!!! LOVED IT! This has inspired me no end for recipes and getting friends together for food. You guys rock and just made the whole week so much better!!!!! X

  3. My main reason for going vegan is for my health. The bonus is I have amazing people to watch like you (Candice and James), Fully Raw Christina, and Hot For Food that have inspired me to make this my future lifestyle. You guys have the best job on the planet because you make this lifestyle look so easy and appealing. I enjoyed this post from start to finish and thank you for doing this Q&A and sharing your life with us.

  4. Hi!! please help this comment reach to her!!
    can you make a video showing us how to make vegan butter?
    but please don't make one with coconut oil, those are literally everywhere.
    I have liquid sunflower lecithin and i heard its a great emulsifier so I can finally use it.

  5. James changed my question a bit. Lol… I'm always getting harassed about my daughter and I being vegan. Yet, some people feed their children McDonald's every damn day and no one questions that. Feeding a child a variety of plant foods should not be frowned upon. I had a very healthy pregnancy. My doctor was fully supportive of my vegan lifestyle. He said if woman can make it through pregnancy living on tortillas then he couldn't see anything wrong with a vegan lifestyle. The question was more for Edgy Veg considering she was vegan and he ate meat. My daughter's dad is not vegan but is very supportive of our vegan lifestyle. However, meat eaters always try to change his mind.

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