ADHD is a Challenge to Live With (Let’s Talk)

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  1. I take meds for my ADHD and when I tell you it feels like I can actual function it's amazing. My brain normally feels like it's running at high speed nonstop and it leads to me being overwhelmed frequently. I either freeze because everything feels like it needs my attention NOW or I follow my brains little side quests and an hour later I realize I'm not doing what I should be. With my meds I can either focus on that one thing or prioritize if I have more than one.

  2. Yeah, society wasn't built for us neurodiverse peeps. Then we're shite on because 'we just don't get it'. Yeah, walk a couple feet in our shoes and you'll soon realize how good they have it.

    I must say, the one thing that helped with my symptoms, was changing my diet. Once I stopped eating animal products, it was like night and day difference. Does it cure you? HELL no, but sure as heck makes the symptoms more bearable.

  3. I think the meds are speed which make you even more hyper. You need to practice concentrating. It is a skill that you can learn.

    When you find yourself losing attention, catch yourself and refocus on what you were doing. The internet is really bad for training you to lose your focus. You are trying to look up one thing and then go off on all different tangents that catch your eye. Make up your mind to get done with one thing before moving on to the next, or least get through it until you are too tired.

    I think it is often a response to stress and feeling overwhelmed. You don't know which way to turn. Just relax and keep focusing on the task at hand.

  4. You know what's a super power? Invisibility. Anyone who says ADHD is a super power needs to chill. One of my favorite YouTubers said the other day that anxiety is a super power because it means you're more sensitive. Nah man, it makes everything harder.

  5. I got diagnosed two weeks ago as a 25 yr old woman and I’m still reeling. My symptoms arnt super hyper so I wasn’t noticed, I’m still struggling to really comprehend how my mind works and not to feel bad about it. Seeing more women talk about it online makes me feel less alone and confused. I also feel like neurotypical people around me don’t want me to talk about it, they don’t understand how world changing it is for me – I’ve had a lot of “don’t stop trying though” or “you still have to do things you don’t want to do” and it’s making me feel guilty and lost. I just wish I could talk and feel how I really am without all the masking, I don’t even know who I am without it.

  6. Me watching this video because I was checking my email while trying to work and I got a youtube notification and proceeded to watch shorts for the next 30 minutes

  7. Ok but you started the Friend's theme song (close enough for my brain anyway) and so all I heard the rest of the video was the song, and of course the music video. 😂 Rewatching now lol.

  8. Same but I would say it's my super power and my kryptonite. My obsession, my ability to forgive and forget, my always on play style when playing basketball most likely comes from adhd. The best example is my job coaching as I usually say I would be fired if I wasn't so good because I'm always late but when I'm there I'm always on and engaged which makes me Excell at my job

  9. I also have (pretty bad) ADHD, but am unfortunately not on any medication, because I didn't tolerate them well (horrible headaches, extreme loss of appetite, worsening of my tic disorder, high blood pressure, etc). Luckily, some of my symptoms gotten a little better over time, but I still have tough days. If you're not on medication, focus on proper nutrition, enough sleep and getting your steps in (preferably outdoors)!

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