Almond Brittle (Indian Chikki) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. I just attempted to make this using coconut butter instead of butter…a warning to others…don't!! The sugar doesn't melt and it all turns to hard lumpy melted chunks. The next two batches I used margarine and it was fine!

  2. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us, I love almonds and nut brittle. Looking forward to making these. I hope it is as easy as you make it look, wish I was one of your grandchildren.

  3. we have peanut, sesime, coconut, cashu,…….many more in India, this is one of the recipe. gud to here you got similar in Brazil. World is too small nowadays, we can share easily…please do post, if there is anything specific to brazil.

  4. yes! i've used peanuts, sesame seeds, pistachios, even mixed nuts. i've used salted and unsalted nuts and both ways make a delicious brittle. the salt in the salted nuts mixed with the sugar is really nice.

  5. Thank you Aunty! This is an excellent recipe & i made it with good results last night. I made it as an Eid gift for a friend-it was such a timely video as I wanted to make her something 🙂 I sure wish I had known how easy this recipe was because I LOVE anything brittle 🙂

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