Almond Saffron Milk (Badam Milk) Recipe by Manjula, Indian Exotic Drink

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  1. This does bring back memories of Badam milk being served at a pre-wedding party in early hours of the morning after midnight and the goal was to stay up really late until next morning. Once you drank Badam milk you are falling asleep trying to stay up to enjoy the party. Now as a grown up thinking back, they served this drink so people would go home to go to sleep lol. Nice way to end the party in the wee hours, but it was a tradition and I don’t remember anyone going home lol.

  2. thank you for this video. I just might try it at home sometime. i had some of this today at a party and i was wondering what it was, it was sweet orange milk with nuts in it, also tasted a little flowery and I thought there was a hint of ginger but not sure.

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