Aloo Parathas – Potato stuffed Indian Bread Recipe by Manjula,

View Full Recipe at Http:// INGREDIENTS: ALOO PARATHA RECIPE (for 6 parathas) 1-cup white whole wheat flour …


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  1. I dont want to be rude. But this is an ala chapati.
    Paratha is made in layers.
    Roti is used with purpose flour
    Chapati with wheat flour
    Paratha also wheat flour and layers of oil.
    For the rest nice video, thank u.

  2. i was watching ur Pinwheel recipe and i KNEW u would have a recipe of aalo parathas.. im just starting to cook =) going to follow ur recipes..! im a pure non veg but i looooooooove veg dishes.. =) thanks a lot in advance!

  3. I love stuffed paratha manjula. I will,have to have a go with say, chickpea flour as I cannot have wheat. It is good with daal and cumin too (but then everything is! Daal is one of my favourites). Do you think that will work?

  4. Prepared delicious paratha with the help of your recipe. I am a south indian and this is my first successful attempt in preparing aloo paratha. Thanks Manjula ji.

  5. Thanks Manjula for this brilliant recipe. I quickly went into the kitchen and made this paratha. I used whole meal wheat flour. I added Chat masala, cumin powder, coriander powder, roasted ajwain powder to the pan while the onions were being sauted. Lime juice and fresh coriander was mixed into a bowl. I managed to do it beyond expectations. Thanks again. Keep posting more. I am a huge fan of yours.

  6. I`m going to surprise my husband, he`s a Sri Lankan Tamil, I`m German. Which seeds do you put into the filling? I think I can use potatoes from a day before? With what do you serve it? Much love from Germany! We are world-champion! ;))

  7. Thank you for making these videos! Indian cuisine is my favorite — aloo paratha, gulab jamun, saag paneer, chana masala, kheer — sooo incredibly good!

  8. We have a very similar, simple recepie in Hungary, which I love. We boil the potato in the skin, drain, peal, let it cool, smash, add flour and salt, mix it with hand, roll it like you do and cook it without oil. My mom cooked it on the big stove but now I have an electric one for making pancake. When both side is golden put it on the plate and brush it with some oil. I love it like that but some people put jam on it. I live in France now, made it here and everyone likes it like crazy and so easy to make. Yours look delicious too. 

  9. Hi Aunty, I love Aloo Parathas and I prepared twice watching your video. But everytime when I roll after filling, the stuffing comes out in the corners and also in the middle. Please let me know where am I doing wrong.

  10. Mnajula Nameste, Hello fro Glasgow Scotland tried the Parathas Love them they will go well tomorrow with my Friends when we have Tiffin or (Chat) with my Dal Vadas and late my Dal Makhini and a Nepalese Curry, your explanations of Cooking are very well presented and easy to follow and the outcome is Tasty. Thanks for enlightenment

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