An Easy Vegan Chocolate Cake That Will BLOW Your Mind!

Today’s recipe is one of the best vegan chocolate cakes ever. I’m showing you how to make a full proof epic chocolate cake that is …


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  2. What did you grate on top?? My layers are cooling, and now I see I definitely need to go get more frosting, and whatever is dusted on top. I am not an avid cook/baker, but I agree this was super easy! Thanks!

  3. I think you did a great job with the frosting but I will recommend trimming the hump off the tops of the cake. It balances the cake better when you layer them, won’t push out the icing in a weird way from the middle so it’s less likely to go lopsided (personal experience lol) and it’s easier to ice when you don’t have this big gap on the edges to try to fill.
    Coming from someone who sold cakes for a time so I’ve made all the mistakes there are to make lol
    Also you get extra cake to eat while you frost it which is never a bad thing😉

  4. I made these today:)! I did cupcakes instead of the round cake. I also used dark cocoa powder, and half gluten free flour half regular baking flour…came out very soft and moist (I hate the word moist lol) and very rich I love them! My non vegan mom approved:)!🙏🏻

  5. I made this cake after watching the video because I had all the ingredients except apple sauce which I replaced with mashed avocado. This chocolate cake was moist and oh! So delicious! Topped with powdered sugar since I couldn’t be bothered to make icing 😂 This recipe will definitely be a “go to” in my home!

  6. This cake is THE ONE I will be making for my chocolate-loving sister. I am sure this is going to be spectacular 😀
    Thank you for such an awesome easy recipe! Sending you all the love!
    I hope you're having a great say or night and wish you a nice week ahead!

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