Another HEALTHY + VEGAN What I Eat in A Day (These Recipes taste AMAZING!)

I’m back again with another video to show you what I eat in a day as a vegan! Join me to make some healthy and delicious …


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  1. couldnt believe it when u picked Kevin up…im a bit new & ive never seen him before…i thought his whole fluffy bed was him…and when u only picked up the tweeny little sweet heavenly groggy bubba in the middle…i let out a squeel which had all MY bubbas running over to see whats so exciting! ps..i LOVE Kevins hairdo…it looks just like mine today!

  2. Scalloped potatoes….oh my God, I haven’t eaten that in years. What an inspiration. Love your videos as they have provided some fantastic meals. ❤❤❤

  3. Candice!!! Can you please please please make vegan egg rolls. Everyone does spring rolls but yummy egg rolls with that thick crispy pillow on the outside … mmmm would love to see you veganize that classic takeout item so I can make a bunch. Cheers to your channel and you !

  4. I loved your work a lot! I've been trying to research for YouTube vid that explains the stuff in this vid!Your breakdown actually is like the videos from this informative med student Dr. Ethan. Ethan's explanations are totally informative and he really helped me on midterms.

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  6. For someone who always has an f this mess kind of energy it’s amazing that she’s always so fun and lovable and slaps every creation out of the stadium. She’s awesome.

  7. Ever since you and that one guy broke up you've been dressing more loosely and been leaning over the camera more. Just an observation.

  8. Ahhh these recipes look amazing! I'm so making that soup. I don't watch too many vegan WIEIAD videos because I find they're either obsessively healthy and/or repetitive, but your videos are definitely not that– love the variety, balance, and of course your slightly sarcastic sense of humor lol. Thanks Candace!!

  9. 5:36 The excess plastic is the biggest issue I have with this company tbh. I understand the convenience and it is nice this is already a recycled material (the trays are from water bottles) but plastic still can only be recycled a limited num. of times and at the end we still end up with more waste….I hope they will address this issue together with their carbon neutrality target or even faster!

  10. You know what's funny is I'm not even vegan I'm more flexitarian than anything but I'm inching my way towards veganism just for the simple fact that I've been eating meat for my whole entire life been here 50 years plus so I think it's time for a change besides my appetite is changing so I like to watch you because you are very entertaining and your recipes are really solid I like it only thing I'm trying to get used to is the Satan but thanks for doing what you do you're too cute and I love watching you out here in Northern California God bless stay safe stay healthy

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